Cannabis Lollipop (former ESW) is an electronical pop group from Gothenburg.


Fine fettered folk refrains- actually like a scandy take on Fiery furnaces, quite experimental, syncopated etc but shot through with melody and pop passages...Cannabis Lollipop is a swedish electronic popband with influences from synth and hiphop with an air of mystery around them.


The band played at the following (among other) places: Way out west, Gbg, Sticky fingers, Gbg, Swedish radio channel P4, Dublin castle, London. Cannabis Lollipop are signed with Musichelp, Sthlm



Elin Krän- voice, synth.

Johannes Hällström- bass.

Marcus Bohm- synth.

Isac Cronholm- drums



11/3 Frilagret i Göteborg



Peter Åstedt, Musichelp

46 (0)733-792937


Elin Krän

46 (0)760-959030,